Have you ever wondered what it would be like to rule over the Internet?  To be respected, loved, and perhaps even feared everywhere from the lowliest blogs to the most popular social media platforms?  For most this will remain only a dream.  For those who really want it, who are willing to fight for it, the title is there for the taking.  The title of …

King of the Internet

King of the Internet is a card game for up to four players that pits you  against your friends in a desperate struggle to climb from obscurity to Internet fame.

Choose a Personality from among the Internet’s most recognizable denizens:

Post Content to build your name and secure your legacy:

React To Your Opponents to make sure they don’t take what is rightly yours:

Recruit Allies.  You do not have to face these trials alone:

Build Your Collection of Fake Internet Points (also known as FIP’s):

Control Your Anger.  Your rivals will do everything in their power to make you lose your cool:

If You Give In To Your Rage you will find victory far from your grasp:

Also, there’s SPAM, because even in a game you can’t avoid it: