Meet The Team

Have you ever wondered what kind of handsome devils were behind the hottest new card game since Strip Poker?

Wonder no more. Here are our brave pioneers of the industry now:

The Big Dogs

Phil F – Game Designer, Card Designer, Last One Picked for Sports
Seen here trying too hard to look nerdy.
He does all the work and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. He also is responsible for the website and all its content so he can write whatever he wants. Everyone else is lucky to work with someone of his talents.

Jay F – Producer, Marketer, Expert Yodeler
Seen here moments after getting kicked out of Chuck E. Cheese’s for trying claim an 8-speed children’s bicycle using store-bought tickets. They were the wrong color.
All he wants in life is to fabulously wealthy. Is that so much to ask?

Zolf K – Artist, Mysterious Creature
No one has ever seen Zolf in person. As the legends foretold, when we left potatoes out in the circle of stones, days later artwork appeared. We’re still not sure who, or what, Zolf is.

Little Dogs

“Kid” Steven F
Seen here looking agitated about having his picture taken
Phil and Jay’s younger brother. Helps out sometimes. Hates being called “Kid” because he’s in his 20’s now, but he has no say in what is written here.

Also Alex and Elliot, who starred in one of our videos.  Matt, who doesn’t really help but he doesn’t hurt either.  Not Robert though.

Celebrity Dogs

We just want to be clear here, that famous actor and American treasure Chris Pratt has nothing to do with this project. His picture is only here for clarification purposes. If scrolling down this page you saw his picture and thought he was somehow involved, sorry. It was posted here just so we can be clear that he has no association with our team whatsoever. If he did, he would probably say something like, “I’m Chris Pratt, and I am a part of the King of the Internet team.” Except, you know, with all his famous charisma behind it.